About Me

Dear Friends:

My mission is to work successfully with clients to effect a positive contribution to their mind and body awareness.  Accomplishing this mission has provided me piece of mind and professional fulfillment as I continue my work as a massage therapist. My specialty is pain reduction massage as an integrative therapy for anyone experiencing chronic pain. I have advanced studies in orthopedic and medical massage techniques.

I began my massage therapy career by attending and graduating from The
Bancroft School of Massage Therapy 1998.  My passion for massage continues in my volunteer activities as RI-AMTA past Sports Massage chair 2003-2008; RI-AMTA Government Relations Chair 2008-2011; RI-AMTA Crisis Massage Team Coordinator 2004-present and Rhode Island Special Olympics Summer Games Massage Coordinator 2003-present Our team received an award for "Outstanding  Sports Massage team" from the Rhode Island American Massage Therapy Association in 2008. Received the prestigious meritorious award for Rhode Island in October, 2012. I am very proud of being the very first inductee of the RI Chapter of the American Massage Therapy Association's Hall of Fame which took place in October, 2016. Inducted into the Boston Athletic Association's Volunteer Hall Of Fame in 2017 for over fifteen years of volunteer service at the Boston Maraton.

Serving as Senior Massage Therapist on the Integrative Care Team at Kent Hospital 2001-2006 resulted in a major study on the effects of integrative care on patients. Sadly, due to financial constraints we were unable to continue the program. Integrative care is still in its initial learning stages, but growing in its acceptance world-wide as one of the most sensible approaches to a total well being.

. Feel free to contact me if I can be of service to you.